The Most Expensive App


not available

Looking for the most expensive app on the Google Play Store! You've found it. This is a proof-of-concept app, which has been assigned the highest price possible for an app on the Play Store.Please note: This app is just for demonstration purposes, and doesn't actually do anything. So don't be disappointed if you install it and nothing happens.
... Having said that, if you're a millionaire with plenty of cash to spare, you might want to download this just for laughs. Certainly it would give me (the developer) some laughs ;)
Also,by downloading this app,you become an elite user of DigiEvo. App Studio.You can get all the paid apps(present or future) by DigiEvo. for free.See the App for details.
10% of revenue earned from any of our app is donated towards charity by DigiEvo. Studio.